Our main service is our extended testing range and a combined experience of over a century in the testing of plastics. Apart from this we offer our know-how for technical expertise and advice for normalization committees.

Expert Solutions


At Becetel, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive testing services and our collective expertise spanning over a century in the field of plastics testing. In addition to our extensive testing capabilities, we offer our specialized knowledge for technical consultancy and advice in standardization committees.

Our testing facilities are concentrated in Melle, Belgium, and encompass four specialized laboratories:

  1. Air-Conditioned Laboratory: This lab, maintained at 23 °C and 50% RH, is equipped for assessing mechanical properties such as tensile strength, flexural behavior, creep, and more, as well as for measuring dimensional characteristics of materials.
  2. Multifunctional Testing Hall: Here, we handle larger test pieces and assemblies. This includes tests for Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP-S4), leak tightness, hydrostatic testing, temperature cycling, tensile creep, among others.
  3. Physical Laboratory: Focused on physical properties, this lab conducts tests like Melt-mass Flow Rate (MFR), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Vicat softening point, Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT), corrosion testing, gelation degree analysis, and more.
  4. Microscope Room: Dedicated to fracture analysis, this room is where we delve into the micro-level examination of materials.

Beyond these testing labs, our mechanical workshop is a hub of innovation and adaptation. Here, we modify existing machinery and develop new testing equipment tailored to specific needs. Our custom machinery includes CNC machines for creating tensile test dumbbells, fatigue testing equipment for valves, compression molding apparatus for plaques, tools for pipe notching, and more.

Our equipment arsenal for material testing is extensive and versatile, including large water baths, pressure stations for hydrostatic pressure testing, universal testing machines, ovens, climate chambers, freezers, impact testers, data loggers, microscopes, flow meters, thickness gauges, hardness testers, fusion machines, torque wrenches, strain gauges, height gauges, micrometer gauges, thermocouples, and more.

Becetel is equipped to handle a wide range of pipe diameters, accommodating sizes from ø8 mm to ø2.000 mm, the largest we’ve managed to date.

Comprehensive Evaluation



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In-Depth Investigations


Alongside our primary testing services, Becetel brings its expertise to several specialized areas:
  1. Engineering Calculations and Design: We offer in-depth support in the calculation and design of various constructions, leveraging our extensive knowledge in engineering principles.
  2. Failure and Fracture Analysis: Our team excels in conducting thorough failure and fracture analyses, crucial for understanding material weaknesses and preventing future issues.
  3. Legal Expertise: As certified court experts, we provide juridical expertise, offering authoritative opinions and insights in legal cases related to our field of specialization.

Quality Assessments


We have teamed up with De Watergroep to perform inspections on piping systems that are used for water supply.

De Watergroep is the largest water company in Flanders. The departments asset and process technology have a comprehensive knowledge in the field of water supply systems and water treatment.

What are we doing?

  1. Quality control of the material
  2. Maintenance management
  3. Project monitoring and advice

We do this via a 5 star service:

  1. Laboratory research
    Testing of metal and plastics piping systems.
  2. Preventive research
    State and condition of the existing piping systems based on non-destructive testing.
  3. Diagnostic research
    Root cause analysis of material problems of existing pipelines with proposal for further investigation.
    XRF spectrometry: quantitative element analysis of metal alloys.
  4. Technical design advice
    Guidance on material selection for piping systems in the design phase.
  5. Inspections
    Random inspection of piping materials according to the specifications of the customer.

Why choose Becetel – De Watergroep?

  1. Comprehensive technical reporting and project follow-up.
  2. Advice based on European and international standards. Becetel has an accredited research center for plastics piping systems.
  3. Full quality guarantee.
  4. Excellent technical and industrial knowledge of (process) water installations.
  5. Assistance from experts from all branches of the water industry.

Standardization Excellence


With our extended know-how Becetel is a partner for standardization organizations and certification bodies.


Becetel takes part as a recognized technical expert in several international normalization committees (CEN and ISO, listed below) and technical committees of Belgian certification bodies (BCCA/BENOR and COPRO).

Becetel participates in the activities of the following European (CEN) and international (ISO) standardization committees:

  • CEN/TC 155 Plastics piping systems and ducting systems
  • ISO/TC 138 Plastics pipes, fittings and valves for the transport of fluids
  • CEN/TC 249 Plastics
  • ISO/TC 61 Plastics


The transposed CEN/ISO standards (NBN EN …..) and pure Belgian standards (NBN T41-…, NBN T42-…) are the basis for the BENOR certification of products.

Sector operator

Sector operators are highly competent within their sector and provide administrative and technical follow-up of one or more standards committees. They are the link between the experts on the one hand and the national standardization organization (NBN) on the other hand. In addition they ensure that all stakeholders can participate in the standardization process. Relying on a network of experts, they spread all useful information on standardization activities in their domain. They are close to the business world and key partners for the NBN.

Becetel is a recognized sectorial operator by NBN in the domain of plastics and rubbers, since 20 march 2007. Therefore Becetel is active in the above mentioned European (CEN) and international (ISO) normalisation committees and manages the following Belgian commissions:

  • E155 Plastics piping systems
  • E249 Plastics
  • E266 Thermoplastic static tanks
To facilitate the public enquiry process for Belgian and European standards, NBN designed The Public Enquiry Portal ( This should enhance the transparency and encourage active participation from various stakeholders in the standards development process.

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In March 2023, a members event was held at Becetel.

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Advanced Analysis Tools


Precision Tracking


Becetel® also manages the traccoding website for the traceability of PE compounds and PE components, as described in the ISO 12176-4 (barcode) and ISO 12176-5 (two-dimensional) standards.