Becetel members event

In March 2023, a members event was held at Becetel.

In March 2023 our members were invited at Becetel to discuss the new strategic plan with our board of directors and to inform them about testing of the “resistant to crack” PE 100-RC grades. In addition to the discussions, there were practical demonstrations of RC tests in the lab and a networking opportunity with a food-truck.

Under the guidance of delaware consultants, our members and key customers were questioned about our strengths and weaknesses. Our technical and standards expertise is highly appreciated. We will off course continue to maintain and share this knowledge with our customers. Meanwhile, to catch up with our backlog of tests, an extra lab-technician was hired in 2023. To better organise our growing scope of testing, another employee may be recruited in 2024.

More info about the above mentioned testing of PE 100-RC grades can be found here.