New equipment – Pulsator

A new pulsator, for pressure cycling testing, was added to the test devices within Becetel.

Recently, a pulsator was added to the test devices available within Becetel. This device, purchased from IPT Institut für Prüftechnik Gerätebau GmbH & Co. KG., is suitable for cyclic loading of pipes and other assemblies under pressure, e.g. according to ISO 19892. The number of cycles, frequency and required pressures (up to 4 different pressure levels per test) can be set. Pressures can be applied both sinusoidally and in trapezoid form. A continuous logging of all these parameters allows to document the conditions.

By combining this device with our available temperature chamber, these tests can be performed both at room temperature and at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for testing according to specific Belgian test requirements.

This equipment assures us of delivering highly reliable and traceable results and is therefore a very good addition to Becetel’s already extensive test battery.